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Obtained Post-Bankruptcy Renewal Money Judgment Lien

(October 2021) Tom Sherwood and Amy Abbandondelo successfully prosecuted on behalf of a judgment creditor a contested proceeding to obtain a renewal real property lien of its money judgment following the judgment debtor’s discharge in bankruptcy.

  • Posted on: Oct 11 2021
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Successfully Protected a Junior Lienholder’s Lien against a Condominium Unit by Challenging the Condominium Board’s Inflated First-Priority Lien

(August 2021) Jim Truitt and Jenna Gallagher successfully moved for summary judgment on behalf of a junior lien holder in a condominium lien foreclosure action, reducing the amount claimed due and owing by the condominium board under its senior lien, thereby increasing the likelihood surplus monies would be available to satisfy their client’s junior lien […]

  • Posted on: Aug 18 2021
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Favorably Resolved Legal Malpractice Action  

(August 2021) Jim Truitt and Amy Abbandondelo resolved the action of its client, a real estate developer, against the developer’s former attorney arising from the former attorney’s alleged legal malpractice in representing the developer in a prior action for specific performance of a real estate purchase contract, obtaining a favorable settlement for the developer after […]

  • Posted on: Aug 11 2021
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Obtained Summary Judgment Dismissing Insured’s Direct Third-Party Action against Title Insurance Underwriter

(May 2021) In a third-party action commenced by an insured property owner against its title insurance underwriter, Jim Truitt and Robyn Fearon obtained summary judgment dismissing the insured’s complaint alleging contractual indemnification, negligence, fraud, unjust enrichment, and breach of fiduciary duty, and successfully opposed the insured’s cross-motion to amend the complaint to add additional causes […]

  • Posted on: May 10 2021
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