Robyn’s Recent Successes

Granted Leave to Serve Summons and Complaint by Social Media and upon Matrimonial Counsel

Obtained leave to serve a summons and complaint on behalf of her client through social media and upon the defendant’s matrimonial counsel in another litigation when she established that service by other means was impracticable

Successfully Recovered Possession and Unpaid Rent in Holdover Proceeding

Commenced a holdover proceeding and recovered possession and all rent owed to her landlord client through the date of the landlord’s re-possession

Obtained a Money Judgment in Favor of Client Who Was Owed Money under a Stock Purchase Agreement

In defending an action by a former business partner alleging fraud, obtained a money judgment in favor of her client on his counterclaims, and then negotiated a favorable settlement in which the complaint for fraud was dismissed and her client recovered sums due under a stock purchase agreement

Successfully Evicted Commercial Tenant and Collected Related Money Judgment

Successfully evicted on behalf of her landlord client a commercial tenant for non-payment of rent and then collected the full amount due from the tenant on the related money judgment

Successfully Defended Commercial Non-Payment Proceeding against Restaurant

Successfully defended a commercial non-payment proceeding commenced against a restaurant causing the petitioner-landlord to discontinue the matter

Obtained Dismissal of Complaint

Obtained an order dismissing a complaint, which alleged that our client (a title insurer) breached an owner’s title policy by denying its insured’s claim that arose from unbilled New York City water and sewer charges

Successfully Challenged Transfer of Assets as Fraudulent

Obtained judgment in favor of money judgment creditor declaring that debtor’s transfer of assets into family trust violated New York Debtor and Creditor Law, and obtained further money judgment in favor of creditor against trustee of family trust

Defeated Judgment Debtor’s Attack of Money Judgment

Defeated judgment debtor’s application to vacate money judgment on various grounds, including insufficient service of process